Your Money, Your Protection

Rothenberg Capital Management

Rothenberg Capital Management is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and covered under the regulators insurer known as the Canadian Investor protection Fund (CIPF). Each client’s general account is covered up to $ 1 million. The firm we use for our back office administration, National Bank Independent Network (NBIN), is also covered by the same issuer.

The insurance covers our clients in the event of insolvency or theft by one of our employees. It does not protect investors from market fluctuations on individual securities. For more specific details on this coverage, please visit CIPF or request a brochure from one of our offices. Rothenberg Capital Management is audited regularly by IIROC as well as RSM Richter Chamberland.

Check List
  1. Registered with AMF
  2. Member of CIPF
  3. Member of IIROC
  4. Independent Custodian
  5. Regular independent audits

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