Why clients choose us

The Rothenberg Advantage
  • Is it the Rothenberg welcome with a fresh cup of coffee and muffin?
  • Is it the conservative approach to investing?
  • Is it the fact that Rothenberg  is an independent broker and can give unbiased recommendations?
  • Is it the fact that the RCM advisors are paid a salary thus enabling them to spend more time with you?
  • Is it the broad selection of investments available?
  • Is it our excellent reputation since the company was founded in 1979?
The answer is simple

It is a combination of all these characteristics that make us unique and, although we are big enough to handle large accounts, we are small enough to care. We treat $ 10,000 with the same importance as one million “Because you deserve more”.

At Rothenberg we believe each person is unique. Our approach is focused on a personalized overview of the client’s needs, his/her stage of life and, most importantly his/her comfort zone.

At the Rothenberg Group we make it our priority to get to know YOU. How do you envision your future? Are you planning new initiatives like starting a business or achieving greater success on your current path? Or, would you simply be looking to some peace of mind knowing you can handle life’s many unforeseen situations ? A highly trained Rothenberg advisor will take the time to thoroughly understand your specific needs. He/She will explore with you investment objectives, risk, time horizon, taxes, insurance and asset mix strategy and will then develop a tailored solution to help you reach your goals.
Your life situation and your objectives might change over the years. Our experts accompany you with professional advice every step of the way and will work with you on fine-tuning and optimizing your financial portfolio regularly to ensure you are maximizing your financial potential.
We are committed to keeping you well-informed about the progress you are making towards your financial goals. Your personal advisor is always available to answer your questions, provide advice or review your portfolio. In addition, you will receive regular statements of your account activities and enjoy 24-hour online access to your account information.
The Rothenberg Group is committed to excellence in customer service. Our dedicated associates take pride in doing what is right for the client in a professional and expeditious manner. When a problem arises, we are committed to the fair and thorough investigation and prompt resolution of the matter. Any concern should be addressed to Helen Corrigan, the Designated Complaints Officer. Within five business days, an acknowledgement letter providing a summary of the matter will be sent to you.