The Rothenberg Story

How it all started

Founded in 1979, The Rothenberg Group is one of Canada’s leading independent financial services brokers. Being independent allows us to give you unbiased recommendations always keeping your dreams and long-term objectives as our primary goal.

Rothenberg Capital Management is the investment division which offers mutual funds, stocks and bonds. Although we’re big enough to do a good job, we’re still small enough to care. We treat $ 10,000 with the same importance as 10 million.

Rothenberg & Rothenberg is our Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) brokerage division. The Company represents more than 40 banks and trusts across Canada and can provide extremely competitive GIC rates without cost to the client. All these banks and trusts are protected by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).
Rothenberg & Rothenberg is also our insurance brokerage division. It represents a multitude of insurance companies and can provide the most competitive quotes.