Take the Road to Financial Freedom

Welcome to The Rothenberg Group, one of Canada’s leading independent financial services brokers.

What does “being independent” mean? We have access to almost every financial product on the market and give you unbiased recommendations, always guided by your specific circumstances and goals. We have two divisions:

Rothenberg Capital Management (RCM) is the Investment Division, which offers Mutual FundsStocks and Bonds.
Rothenberg & Rothenberg is the Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) brokerage division, representing more than 40 banks and trusts across Canada. It is also the Insurance brokerage division representing multiple insurance companies.

I would like to hear more about what The Rothenberg Group can do for me. Please contact me for an initial conversation with no obligation on my part.

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What makes us different at Rothenberg

  1. We value your business regardless of the size of your account!
  2. We have a personalized approach focusing on the client’s needs, his/her stage in life and personal comfort zone.
  3. RCM advisors are paid a salary (do not rely solely on commission), thus enabling them to spend more time with you.
  4. Guided by a conservative approach to investing, we have extensive experience and excellent reputation since 1979.
  5. Registered with AMF, Member of CIPF, Member of IIROC