J.R. Avian Laboratory began in 1999 as a facility to study bird diseases and their zoonotic implications. By 2007 it had become known within the city of  Montreal by ornithologists and veterinarians alike as the place to go in the event of unrecognized etiology.

In 2008, with the encouragement of Dr. Michael Pollack, from the department of medicine and oncology of McGill University, the laboratory changed its focus to the study of adenocarcinoma and the MCF7 tumour.

Presently it is working on a theory, using the zebra fish as an organism replacing the traditional mouse model, because of the similarity of its DNA to humans and its ease of husbandry, that hopefully will conclude with a positive approach to human cancers.

The laboratory’s affiliation to Jack Rothenberg of Rothenberg & Rothenberg gives it access to the necessary funding that it requires to carry on its research.