Investment and Enjoyment Planning

The first step is to meet with you and discuss your personal financial objectives, your needs and concerns.

After this initial meeting, we’ll provide you with a written financial overview as part of our free evaluation. We will take into consideration your present financial situation (assets/liabilities), your income, your tax situation, your insurance and estate needs.

We will then determine a proper asset allocation within the different investments.

Change is constant in the world of investing. Consequently, once the plan has been established, we will regularly monitor the asset allocation to make sure it remains within the guidelines. We also monitor the investment managers and meet with them frequently in order to make sure your funds are properly managed.

Should you require information on corporate investments we have access to fiscal specialists that can efficiently help you structure your business.

Your Rothenberg financial advisor, who is on salary, will give you a professional, unbiased advice at no cost and no obligation to you.