RCM Fees

There is no cost or obligation to meet with one of our advisors and have a personalized overview developed for you.

How we charge for our servicesFees
Annual Administrative Fee for Registered Accounts
If the market value is over $ 150,000$ 0
If the market value is between $ 100,000 to $ 150,000$60
If the market value is below $ 100,000$90
Tax- Free Savings Account$75
Registered Education Savings Plan$75
Stocks and ETFs
$ 3,000 – $ 25,0001.25% or $ 75 minimum
$ 25,000 – $ 50,0001.00%
$ 50,000 – $ 100,0000.75%
$ 100,000 and over0.50%
Purchase0.4% per year of term to a maximum of 3%
Sell0.3% per year of term to a maximum of 1%
Mutual Funds
Deferred Sales Charged FundsNo fees to purchase, fees if sold in a determined time frame
Front End Funds5%, no fee to sell
Lowload FundsNo cost to purchase - costs if sold before a determined time frame
Mutual fund switches2% cost per mutual fund switch
Other Services
Partial account transfer-out
Full account transfer-out
Certificate registration
Partial registered plan de-registration
Full plan de-registration
Swap fee (per security)
Unscheduled RRIF withdrawal
Wire transfer
Certified cheque
Cheque – not sufficient funds/stop payment
DAP charge (per transaction)
Ineligible mutual fund (per month/per fund)
Drip enrollment (initial fee)
Securities held in safekeeping (minimum per month)
Any fees for services provided by other financial institutions will be charged through at cost.
Research fee (minimum and per hour)$ 50
Estate settlements$150